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BlackBox Airbus Xtreme "Prologue" v0.85.0

Sep 29, 2015

Its been a long time coming, but we are proud to announce the release of ...
BlackBox Airbus Xtreme "Prologue" v0.85.0.


Customers who have purchased earlier versions will soon receive an update notification email in there inbox with a direct link to download.

This Update address several key issues including FSX Steam Compatibility, Runway Change crashes and Throttle handling and adds MANY new and much requested features such as wing-flex and Takeoff Memos.... 

Please Uninstall older versions before updating.

A full change log is listed below.

Happy Flying
BlackBox Simulation 

Change Log - Blackbox Airbus Xtreme "Prologue" v0.85.0

  • Added FSX Steam edition support
  • Complete rework of user settings and registry handling
  • Full log file system added to aid tracing installation / configuration problems
  • First run wizard added / calibration reworked to aid user setup issues
  • Added detailed Checklists (Extracted from real world Airbus procedures) to the Flight Sim Knee board
  • Improved Ground handling
  • Improved Flight Dynamics
  • Improved Autopilot
  • More Accurate Engine performance
  • Custom Engine based EPR Calculations
  • Cost Index and Flex Added
  • Remodeled and re textured VC
  • VC Wing views added
  • WING FLEX Added
  • GSX and AES Profiles included
  • Added 10 new liveries 318-321
  • Added New A320-100 Variant
  • Take off & Landing config checklists added to E/Wd
  • SRS guidance - improved
  • Climb & Descent guidance - improved
  • Fixed an issue with manual brake override not turning off auto brakes
  • Baro knob unit selection improved for both modes HPa & InHg
  • Ewd fadec off amber lines and XX's added
  • Reverse thrust Ewd Indication added
  • Implemented basic (NOT YET COMPLETE) cold and dark and engines off startup
  • Fixed CTD when changing arrival runway or star during descent
  • Improved FCU Knobs mouse handling ... now all incremented in single units on left clicks and mouse wheel
  • Improved Fadec & Throttle lever inputs
  • Implemented Ground Speed Mini function to Vapp speed calcs
  • Added aoa smoothing to better handle severe WX conditions
  • Adjusted Baro/STD pfd message logic, can now return to qnh mode early at atc request without STD flashing on PFD
  • Improved E/Wd messages and Memos logic to include the flight phase inhibition

Please note:
This is not a complete list, other additions include the multitude of code improvements from Airbus Widebody Prologue v0.81X that have now been implemented into A320 Prologue



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