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Press Release - August 2017

Aug 03, 2017

* BlackBox Simulation Software – Press Release 03/08/2017 *
Price Rises Across the product Range Imminent!

Unfortunately, we must announce that our prices will soon be increasing In line with current market trends and the spiralling development costs supporting three separate simulator platforms.  

The additional time and costs involved developing our products across FSX, FSX Steam, P3Dv2, v3 and now the 64-bit v4 have become restrictive and we feel this price rise is both necessary and inevitable.  However, even after these increases, Blackbox products remain at a significantly lower price point than all our comparable competitors offering Great Value for money from the addition of many more variants and liveries than most others and our ongoing commitment to our products.   Also, it is important to note that these changes WILL NOT AFFECT EXISTING CUSTOMERS in Any way shape or form. If you already own a BBS “Prologue” Product then all future updates (Including V4) Will remain Free of charge until the completion of the Final V1.00 Product. 

Here’s the list of changes (All prices In Euro)

                                                                       CURRENT PRICE                                   NEW PRICE

GA products ( Bulldog , Birddog )                       15.99                                                  19.99

Airbus 318/319 x-treme                                    24.99                                                  29.99

Airbus 320/321 x-xtreme                                  24.99                                                  29.99

Airbus 330 x-treme                                          24.99                                                  34.99

Airbus 340 x-treme                                          24.99                                                  29.99

Airbus x-treme                                                 34.99                                                  42.99

Airbus Widebody x-treme                                  34.99                                                  42.99

These changes will take effect in Mid-August

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