WideBody v0.85.1


WideBody v0.85.1

Nov 03, 2016


"The update that puts the Blackbox Airbus Widebody in a league of its own"

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Yes, We Finally made it! .....  

Ever dreamed of being the captain of a long haul A340-600 flagship from Europe to LA?  Or maybe loading an A330F at Dubai for an overnight cargo flight to Hong Kong?  Or how about taking to war-torn skies to be on station in the Airbus MRTT to give vital fuel to waiting fast jets?  Maybe you just want to be working hard for your virtual airline flying passengers to the sunshine destinations in the A330-200 until you earn those coveted captain stripes…

Well now you can!


We have gone right back to the beginning with this update, improving the very heart of our Airbus wide-body fleet, the flight dynamics. We know that lots of you fly for virtual airlines, or use other our add-ons to simulate the everyday rigours of an airline pilot’s life. With our new upgrades, our MCDU with SIDs, STARs and fully programmable flight plans, we think we can now give you the tools to experience life as a virtual airline pilot.


We have also introduced a Brand-new Pre-Flight Manager that makes the loading of passengers, cargo and fuel so much easier.   There is a built-in fuel planner and Fleet management section where you can choose to download and directly install over 160 Liveries!   No more editing Aircraft.cfg files by hand!



We would like to thank our customers for their patience and Officially announce the release of Blackbox Airbus Wide-body Prologue V0.85. As you know, we have been working hard on this update for almost a year and here are just a few of the features you can now find ....

 Updated FDE - we are proud of our new flight dynamics and these have been tested by actual Airbus pilots. 
 New ground handling dynamics.
 Working fuel dump.
 New and improved textures both inside and out.
 Visual brake fires and over temperatures if you hammer the brakes. 
 Cockpit window blinds.
 Re-modelled tail section (A330-200).
 Lots of new liveries.
 Free demo version for new customers. ( Available Soon )
 New Pre-flight Manager.
 All versions of A330/A340 and MRTT modelled. 
 Independent NDs – track an ILS on one side and keep the arc display open on the other.

See the end of this post for a more detailed change log.

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We know you will enjoy our new updated Widebody and we will keep you up to date with future developments as they arise but please rest assured  we will be working as hard as we can to get these out to you right up the release of V1.00 The full and final version. 

 For more information please check out our website at www.blackboxsimulation.com

 or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/BlackBoxSimulation

 Our Huge thanks also to the following people. Without them it would just be another average product!

 Ian Jacobson                 Matthew King                     Marius Felden
 Nabarun De Vreeze        Carsten Gurk                    Sebastien Stein
 Rene De Feijter              Frank Rose                       Soozie Tyrell
 Brendon Corlet              Cornelius Lehners              Frank Xu
 JiaWei Lim                    Chris Palfreyman               Dean Johnston
 Chris C Waldo                Manuel Farrugia                Clifford Scott

Special mention also to Hermann Kuhne & Anthony Eyre in assisting to trace some initial launch issues.

 Thank you,

Team BlackBox.


  Change Log - 31/10/2016 - BlackBox WideBody Xtreme Prologue v0.85.1

* Fixed Issue with Activated users seeing demo mode loading A330-342

* Fixed old registry entries causing invalid product listings

* Fixed issues with upper and lower case characters being used in email addresses on user registration

* Fixed Issues with PreFlight Manager crashing on non Us-English systems

  Change Log - 28/10/2016 - BlackBox WideBody Xtreme Prologue v0.85.0

* Remodelled Virtual cockpit

- New seats
- New Improved HD Textures
- Improved click spots
- Added “full aircraft shadow” to VC
- New VC lighting including Flood, Panel, Integral and dome lights
- Gauges and lights reflect on internal windows

* Remodelled Exterior

- Adjusted tail fin on some models
- Improved engines and exhausts
- Added space for more extensive underbody painting
- Created New V0.850 Paint-kits & Tutorial
- New glass with lamination effects
- Added Dynamic reflection to all surfaces (P3d V2 Only)

* NEW Pre-Flight manager

- Add Passengers, Cargo and fuel
- Independent layouts for all variants
- Fuel planner
- Weight and balance graphs
- CoG Indicators and Trim advisory
- Fleet management page
- Fleet downloads page (over 160 liveries available to date)
- Automatic livery install / de-install - No more hand editing CFG files

* Improved Altitude Retard Callouts, Audio and Logic

* Improved Opt & Rec Max Altitude Predictions

* Improved MCDU pre-selected speed/Mach handling for all flight phases and added corresponding PFD messages

* Improved Decent phase speed management and donut tracking

* Radio Altimeters recalibrated to show 0 on ground at MZFW

* Added MCDU keyboard direct entry options to settings file

* Gauge now handles engine auto start via Ctrl E

* Improved Radio Tuning knob handling – added shift key modifier for left click and wheel to tune MHZ instead of KHZ

* complete rework of user settings and registry handling

- now in line with Microsoft standards for app data folders to avoid read/write and registry security issues

- separate config file per installed sim fsx p3d p3dv2 etc.


* full log file system added to aid tracing installation / configuration problems

- Users having difficulties are requested to first check the file BBS_Debug.log located in the following folder :-

       "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus Widebody Family"

 - We may request this log file be sent to us in order to get support on technical issues such as no control inputs missing screens etc.


* first run wizard added / calibration reworked to aid user setup issues

* Improved Ground handling

* Improved Flight Dynamics

* Improved Autopilot

* SRS guidance - improved

* Climb & Descent guidance - improved

* Fixed an issue with manual brake override not turning off autobrakes

* Baro knob unit selection improved for both modes HPa & InHg

* implemented basic (NOT YET COMPLETE) cold and dark and engines off start-up

 - Users can add the following options to UserSettings.ini, UserSettings_FSXSE.ini or UserSetting_P3Dv3.ini file inside the path :-

       "C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\BlackBox Simulation\Airbus Widebody Family"


please note: this will be an MCDU configurable option once fully implemented


* Fixed CTD when changing arrival runway or star during descent

* Improved FCU Knobs mouse handling ... now all incremented in single units on left clicks and mouse wheel

- Added Shift key Click and Shift key Wheel for 10x faster increments

- Altitude Knob now increments at 100/1000 depending on switch selection

* Improved Fadec & Throttle lever inputs

- Users suffering from throttles jitter without user input can add the following to their UserSetting.ini as described above


       Delta value can be from 32 -> 1024 , we recommend increasing it gradually in units of 64 unit satisfactory results are achieved

* Implemented Ground Speed Mini function to Vapp speed calculations

* Added AOA smoothing to better handle severe WX conditions

* Adjusted Baro/STD PFD message logic , can now return to QNH mode early at ATC request without STD flashing on PFD above transition alt

* Improved E/Wd messages and Memos logic to include the flight phase inhibition

 And Much more ...


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