A330/340 Professional

The PSS Airbus A330/340 Professional Addon Aircraft for Microsoft Flightsim 2002


Product Discontinued

A330/340 Professional
Download Price - €25.50

 Minimum System Requirements
Host Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Cpu 1.7 GHz
Ram 512Mb
HD 7400 Mb Free Space
OS Windows XP Home
VGA 32Mb 3D Hardware Accelerated

“This is the first Airbus panel for FS2002 that more or less looks, feels, and works like the real thing. 5 Stars”

Europe's largest and most advanced airliners, the Airbus A330 and A340, take to the skies in Flight Simulator 2002/2004. These aircraft are spearheading Europe's domination of the airline market and now these two high-tech heroes are brought to life by the experts in high-quality flight simulation aircraft, Phoenix Simulation Software.

The A330 and A340 are painstakingly reproduced for FS2002 to a high level of detail with accurate animations of the flight surfaces, engines, undercarriage, and passenger and cargo doors. With 42 liveries and eight variants, there's no doubt that when it comes to the new generation of airliners, Europe is the place that sets the pace!


Detailed features

Eight highly detailed variants of the A340 and A330 with 42 liveries are included

A340-200 and A340-300 equipped with CFM Engines
A330-200 and A330-300 in General Electric, Pratt and Whitney and Rolls-Royce engine equipped variants

  • Full complement of moving parts
  • Hanging undercarriage bogies
  • Operating passenger and cargo doors
  • Working windscreen wipers visible in the 2D and VC cockpits as well as the external view
  • Animated 3D engine fans and reversers
  • Reflection and specula mapped hi-detail textures
  • Flexing wings plus the following PSS-enhanced features:
  • Hard-coded wingtip vortices with high humidity/lift
  • Hard-coded engine intake vapour effects
  • Hard-coded multiple flashing strobe lamps (not effect files)
  • Four different, accurate flight models, tested by real Airbus pilots
  • Accurate sound sets for all variants
  • Highly accurate instrument panels Virtual Cockpits
  • Payload editor tool utility

Liveries and variants

A330-200 - Air France, Airtours International, Austrian Airlines, British Midland International, Edelweiss, Emirates, JMC Airlines, Monarch, My Travel, Lufthansa, Qantas, Swiss International, Thomas Cook

A330-300 - Aer Lingus, Air Canada, Air Inter, Air Transat, Cathay Pacific, LTU, Northwest Airlines, Sabena, SAS Scandinavian, US Airways

A340-200 - Lufthansa, South African Airways. Egyptair

A340-300 - Austrian Airlines, BWIA, Cathay Pacific, Air Canada, Air France, Air Portugal (TAP), Gulf Air, Iberia, Lan Chile, Lufthansa, Olympic Airways, Sabena, Scandinavian (SAS), Singapore Airlines, Virgin Atlantic (two liveries)