Avro Vulcan

Phoenix Simulation Software Avro Vulcan Addon Aircraft for Microsoft Flightsim 2002


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Avro Vulcan
Download Price - €25.50

 Minimum System Requirements
Host Microsoft Flight Simulator 2002
Cpu Pentium IV 1.6 GHz
Ram 256Mb
HD 160Mb Free Space
OS Windows XP Home
VGA 32Mb 3D Hardware Accelerated

“This package really does represent true value for money... This airplane is thoroughly recommended for anyone and everyone... I could get drunk on the wealth of detail in the Just Flight RAF Vulcan... A useful Pilot's notes handbook... Superb sound package within the main program... A well detailed cockpit”

The Avro Vulcan’s beautiful lines and distinctive shape make it an icon of cold-war aviation. The Vulcan first flew in 1952, entered RAF service in 1957 and the final Vulcan flight was back in 1993. Thankfully, the last of these milestones has changed - Vulcan XH558 is airborne again thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund grant and the tireless work of its dedicated fans INCLUDING "Phoenix Simulation Software" who have donated over £15,000 from the sales of this Add On.

Vulcan 558 includes a faithful model from acclaimed developers PSS as it appeared on the Airshow Circuit prior to the massive rebuild,



The highly detailed Gmax models feature numerous animated parts, including:

  • Landing gear (including gear compression, hanging undercarriage bogies and nose wheel steering)
  • Elevons
  • Rudder
  • Bomb bay doors (fully detailed interior with additional fuel tank)
  • Crew hatch (displays the crew access ladder when on the ground)
  • Air brakes
  • Beacon Lights
  • Engine compressor fan blades

Visual model features

  • 3D modelled reflective glass windows
  • Reflection mapping
  • Specular highlighting
  • Individually switched lighting: navigation lights, beacons and instrument gauge lights


As well as an accurate 2D instrument panel, RAF Vulcan features a fully detailed Virtual Cockpit with:

  • High-resolution gauges
  • Animated control sticks
  • Animated rudder pedal
  • Animated throttle levers
  • Reflective glass on gauge faces

Flight dynamics

The flight dynamics have been engineered and tested by Squadron Leader David Thomas, Vulcan display Pilot.

Other features

  • Superb, and VERY realistic very noisy sound set!