Boeing 757 Professional

The Phoenix Simulation Software Boeing 757 Addon Aircraft for Microsoft Flightsim 2004

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Boeing 757 Professional

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- €25.50
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 Minimum System Requirements
Host Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Cpu Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Ram 512Mb
HD 1.2 Gb Free Space
OS Windows XP Home
VGA 64Mb 3D Hardware Accelerated

“The 2D panel is a work of art and I have seldom seen or used a better one... The overhead has the most convincing three dimensional look I have ever seen... The flight management computer (FMC) is very well simulated and you can do just about anything with it that you could do with the real plane... 757 Pro is pretty much state-of-the-art for FS2004... Very few FS airliners have this much functionality built into them.”

The 757 is acknowledged throughout the world as the leader in short to medium-range operations. It flies routes from under 100 to over 4,000 miles apart and now flight simulation can enjoy the same fantastic flexibility!

It is supplied in both the -200 and -300 variants and comes with an impressive selection of 66 different airline liveries from around the globe. The authentic sounds, detailed features and refined flight modelling means that this example of one of the world's most popular narrow-bodied airliners is truly the one to fly!

Airliner fans will love the animated undercarriage, including 'gear droop', flaps, elevators, rudder, spoilers, ailerons, flexing wings, APU Inlet RAM air turbine, cargo and cabin doors – the attention to detail is inspired. Accurately designed virtual cockpit includes moving yokes, pedals, throttles; reflective gauges, lighting and much more!


Included Model Variants
757-200 Freighter Rolls-Royce
757-200 with over-wing exits Pratt & Whitney
757-200 with over-wing exits Pratt & Whitney and winglets
757-200 Pratt & Whitney rear hatch exit
757-300 Pratt & Whitney
757-300 Rolls Royce
757-200 Rolls Royce

Superb 2D instrument panel and gauges

Due to the use of many custom variables, the VC is 'fully clickable' and is actually more functional than the 2D panel!

MFDs (Multi Function Displays) including TCAS (Terminal Collision Avoidance System) with aural traffic alert and resolution advisories, plus functional Weather Radar!

Complete Overhead panel

Modeled Systems

Air conditioning system

Automatic flight (LNAV VNAV)
Pressurization system
Flight controls system
Ice and rain protection
Navigation systems including SIDS and STARS
Power plant
GPWS warnings
High quality visual model

Animations - Undercarriage, flaps, elevators, rudder, spoilers, ailerons, sectional flaps, flap actuators, leading edge slats, all flying tailplane trim, individually animated passenger doors, APU inlet door, RAT (Ram Air Turbine), thrust reversers, spinning 3D engine fans, flexing wings, independent L/R hanging bogie, independent ground-based bogies (remain flat during rotation until off the ground even if banked!), nose wheel steering, rotating wheels and gear compression.

Detailed engines with rotating fans and operating thrust reversers
Special lighting effects
Reflective glass windows
Reflection Mapping
Dynamic Specular Highlighting
Individually Switched Lighting - Navigation lights, beacons, panel floodlighting and cabin interior lighting, instrument gauge lights
Fully detailed Virtual Cockpit includes: high-resolution gauges, animated control yokes, animated rudder pedals, animated throttle levers, reflective glass on gauge faces
PSS 'REAL' features - lighting effects, wingtip vapour trails
Extensive manual
Flight tutorial
Load Editor and panel configuration utilities - panel configuration utility to custom design keystrokes and set complete 'cold and dark' panel.
Another Great Add on for your hangar from BlackBox Simulation!