Boeing 777 Professional

The Phoenix Simulation Software Boeing 777 Addon for Microsoft Flightsim 2004

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Boeing 777 Professional

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 Minimum System Requirements
Host Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Cpu Pentium IV 1.8 GHz
Ram 512Mb
HD 600 Mb Free Space
OS Windows XP Home
VGA 64Mb 3D Hardware Accelerated
“This is a title that truly justifies a five-star rating... and sets a benchmark in terms of what can be achieved by Flight Simulator 2004 add-ons”

777 Professional is another great milestone in the Professional series - amazing detail, accurate modelling and realistic flight characteristics add up to a 777 that's so good you'll only be able to improve on it if you fly a real one! 777 Professional continues the heritage of high-quality airliner simulations from the acclaimed PSS (Phoenix Simulation Software) development team. Supplied in both the -200LR, -200LRF Freighter and -300ER variants, the package includes an extensive set of liveries that cover the world, authentic sounds and a refined flight model.

777 Professional even includes a realistic operating weather radar!

The first airliner to be designed entirely using computer graphics is now, rather fittingly, reproduced by the experts at PSS to fly on a computer in Flight Simulator 2004. The aircraft features fully animated flight surfaces, engines, undercarriage and cabin doors. Moving into the the cockpit, you will be amazed at the depth and quality of the instrument panel and gauges of one of the world's most popular wide-bodied airliners.

In the highly interactive Virtual Cockpit you will find it is just like sitting in the real thing. 

  • 52-high quality airline liveries from around the world
  • -200LR, -200LRF Freighter and 300ER variants
  • Authentic flight modelling
  • High-quality visual model
  • Superb 2D instrument panel and gauges
  • Operating and realistic WXR2100 weather radar
  • Fully interactive Virtual Cockpit
  • Animated undercarriage, including 'gear droop' flaps, elevators, rudder, spoilers, ailerons, flexing wings, APU Inlet RAM air turbine, cargo and cabin doors
  • Detailed engines with rotating 3D fans and operating thrust reversers
  • Special lighting effects
  • Reflective glass windows
  • Reflection mapping
  • Dynamic specular highlighting
  • Individually switched lighting - navigation lights, beacons, landing and taxi lights; panel floodlighting and cabin interior lighting; instrument gauge lights, tail logo lights

Fully detailed Virtual Cockpit Includes

  • High-resolution vector drawn gauges
  • Animated control yokes
  • Animated rudder pedals
  • Animated throttle levers
  • Reflective glass on gauge faces

PSS 'REAL' Features

  • Lighting effects
  • Wingtip vapour trails
  • Extensive printed manual
  • Flight tutorial
  • Load Sheets &  Panel Configuration utilities

Included variants

  • B777-200LR
  • B777-200LRF (Freighter)
  • B777-300ER