Concorde Professional

PSS BAE/Aerospatial Concorde Professional Addon Aircraft for Microsoft Flightsim 2004


Product Discontinued

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Concorde Professional
Download Price - €25.50 

 Minimum System Requirements
Host Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004
Cpu Pentium IV 2.0 GHz
Ram 512Mb
HD 160Mb Free Space
OS Windows XP Home
VGA 64Mb 3D Hardware Accelerated
Other Direct X 8.1

“Every time I use Concorde Professional I find something new that I didn't notice before With excellent frame rates, splendid detail, and near perfect simulation of the Concorde itself this product is the one to get hands down”

The era of supersonic transportation begins and ends with Concorde. Developed as an Anglo-French joint venture to be the transport of tomorrow, its shape was distinctive and Concorde set pulses racing whenever it flew.

After 28 years of commercial operation Concorde had to take early retirement but, thanks to the team at PSS, this aviation icon will continue to dart across the skies of Flight Simulator 2004 at 23 miles per minute.

The accuracy of this virtual Concorde is unmatched and it will take every ounce of your skill and dedication to master. Piloting Concorde Professional is the most challenging flying experience you'll ever have on your PC - this is a fact, not a slogan!


Despite the disappointing end to Concordes flying days, in terms of performance it continues to be the most advanced airliner ever built. The excitement of travelling from London to New York at twice the speed of sound is now an experience reserved for military pilots with plenty of fuel. However, thanks to the development team at Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS), you can operate a supersonic marvel in Flight Simulator 2004. Phoenix are the acknowledged experts on airliner expansion and Concorde Professional is the most advanced package they have ever put together.

To help you master Concorde Professional the package includes a comprehensive manual and a tutorial.

Features include

Fully animated parts including nose cone and nose visor; landing gear with compression and extension of main bogies, nose wheel steering, tail wheel and elevons; split rudder, passenger door, landing light pods, 3D engine fan blades, engine intake ramps and thrust reverser nozzles.

Accurate flight model with re-heat effect and an authentic version of Concorde's unique INS (Inertial Navigation System).

Four contemporary and classic British Airways and Air France liveries

Fully detailed virtual cockpit includes high-resolution gauges with reflective glass as well as animated control yokes, rudder pedals, throttle levers and engineers panel.

  • High resolution gauges
  • Animated control yokes
  • Animated rudder pedals
  • Animated throttle levers
  • Engineers panel
  • Reflective glass on gauges