Cessna L19 Bird Dog

The Cessna L-19 "Bird Dog"

Cessna L19 Bird Dog

Flight Simulator 2020 Version

Cessna L-19
"Bird Dog" 

A Soldier's Best Friend,
Sniffing Out The Enemy From 500 Feet Above The Jungles


Current Download Version - v1.10.1


 BlackBox - Cessna L-19  "Bird Dog"  

In August 1949, Cessna Aircraft Company learned that the U.S. Army wanted a new, all-metal liaison airplane to replace its aging and shrinking fleet of fabric-covered Piper L–4 Grasshoppers and Stinson L–5 Sentinels. The Army planned to evaluate all competing aircraft during a “fly-off” at Wright Field in Dayton, Ohio, the following April.

With so little time available to develop an entirely new airplane, Cessna began work by mating the tail of a Cessna 195 and the wings of a Cessna 170B with a newly designed fuselage. The effort was particularly challenging because one of the military specifications required that the airplane be capable of taking off and landing over a 50-foot obstacle in less than 600 feet at its maximum-allowable gross weight. The prototype was built in 90 days; made its first flight on December 14, 1949;

Two months later, on June 25, 1950, the North Korean Army crossed the Thirty-Eighth Parallel. Suddenly, there was a greatly increased need for Cessna’s Model 305, which became better known as the L–19 Bird Dog, an apt name because of how well it enabled pilots and their rear-seat observers to search for and locate enemy ground positions. Once found, such targets were identified and their locations radioed to those who would respond with an air assault, artillery, or ground troops.
When enemy ground troops spotted a Bird Dog flying low and overhead, it gave them good reason to believe that something bad was about to happen to them.


Created specifically for MSFS ( Not Ported from FSX) The Cessna L10 Bird Dog utilises the new MSFS Modelling format with full PBR Materials and new interactive Lighting effects Inside and Out. Produced in Three Variants, including the Basic models, Bush planes and Amphibians with Accurate real world paint schemes. Flight dynamics tested by real world pilots with real Taildragger feel! There are 20 Different Aircraft in the package with more to come in future FREE updates. 

“Thank you for the great work on 1.4, this A/C just gets progressively better. I could go on but I want to go fly it!!!
“You can tell when a developer loves his work. Thanks. ”
“Thanks, another solid update, keeps getting better!”
“So happy to see these updates coming in so fast! Barely had time to fly last couple of weeks, and the plane has already made leaps and bounds. It's becoming an easy favourite.”
“beautiful Aircraft to fly , the Flight dynamics are spot on .. and I love the amphibian for a little fun on the water”
“Of ALL my FS2020 Downloads.....this is my favorite.....thanks for the update....the fun meter will be off the scale!!!!”
“I’ve been flying the L-19 in the sim. I’m amazed at the accuracy of the flight model..”
Version History



Initial release


  • Added - Working Pitot heat + Switch
  • Added - Working Batt Switch
  • Added - Working ALT Switch
  • Added - Working Volt/Amp Switch
  • Added - Working Start Button
  • Added - Working Boost Pump + Switch
  • Improved - MAG Switch
  • Fixed - Transponder digits 3 & 4
  • Fixed -  Moved Passenger feet


  • Fixed - Fuel selector knob - re-animated and corrected L-O-R
  • Fixed - Engine Starter , True Cold and Dark operation
  • Improved - Amphibian - Fitted Gear switch and Indicator lamps
  • Fixed - Switches - Flipped to standard configuration (UP = ON)
  • Fixed - Prop Torque - Was a little too high
  • Fixed - Lighting Issues - L/R Fuel tank indicators + Radio Digits
  • Fixed - Panel floods - Correct Red and or White flood lighting
  • Fixed - Mirror , now reflective
  • Improved - Flap Drag, much more draggy at 60%
  • Improved - Panel Colour - Now Blue, Green and Black
  • Added - Liveries, Canadian Yellow Amphibian, Marines and ARMY


  • Fixed - Cold and Dark Start issues when on Ramp
  • Fixed - ATC and Radios Inop when on the Ramp
  • Fixed - Full flap now shows visually as 60 Degrees
  • Added - Water rudders, deployable and steerable
  • Fixed - Several small texture enhancements
  • Fixed - Some instruments had lighting issues
  • Fixed - Incorrect Fuel Tank Labelling Aux/Main
  • Added - Japanese Air Defence Version
  • Added - Pilot, Pax and Load, visibility based on station weight
  • Fixed - Elevator Trim Labelling (Reversed)


  • Improved - All instruments given a Major overhaul - Smooth Round Circles
  • Improved - All interior lighting reworked including illuminating radios and xpdr
  • Added - Baro adjustable InHg ALTIMETER
  • Fixed - Reversed (corrected) DG and Wiskey compass rotation
  • Fixed- ASI Adjusted for MPH also safe speed guides added
  • Fixed - Cold and Dark on from ramp
  • Fixed - Dead Radios on Ramp
  • Fixed - Battery switch properly isolates all equipment
  • Improved - Changed Panel Fuel gauge to correct fuel pressure gauge
  • Fixed - Fuel boost pump shows correct pressure to gauge on / off
  • Fixed - re labelled Fuel Valve and Tanks
  • Fixed - reversed cockpit Trim indicator (Fwd = Nose down)
  • Added - Opening windows and Main door (Clickable from interior)
  • Fixed - Flaps realigned with RW 30-45-60 (FDE & Visual)
  • Fixed - Flap indicator aligned with Model
  • Added - TBI details and improved glass bubble
  • Fixed - Wiskey compass light switch (reversed)
  • Added OAT Gauge
  • Added DG adjust knob
  • Added Engine Primer lever
  • Fixed - removed PAX Boots from seat cushion :)
  • Improved - FDE Adjusted for correct Cruise Climb Descent Stall speeds
  • Improved - Adjusted Power and Prop settings for more accurate Climb / Cruise
  • Improved - Adjusted Contact points and improved ground handling
  • Fixed - Reduced stall warning sensitivity
  • fixed - Elevator Trim Tab


  • Fixed - Flickering to/from HSI flags
  • Added - DG ALIGN KNOB adjust + 1 click drift reset
  • Fixed - Corrected Fuel Valve - AUX now left ON SW
  • Fixed - TBI Needle movement scale
  • Improved - prop discs Transparency
  • Fixed - removed coloured tip from rear prop & disc
  • Added - 3 x Additional liveries Malta, Vietnam, Italian Float
  • Improved - Replaced stall warning sound
  • Improved - Remodelled standby compass
  • Improved - Carb heat initiated & lever adjusted
  • Fixed - Gear height when used for Ai
  • Added - ATC Designators / Callsigns


  • Added - Custom light effects, External & Cockpit
  • Fixed - Light & Switch animation now tied to Sim Variables and key control
  • Added - 2X Additinal liveries, Philidelphia Glider Council & Cat Killers


  • Fixed - Further tweaks and enhancements to lighting
  • Fixed - Unloaded Passenger and bags from default loadout
  • Added - Chilean Air Force paint
  • Fixed - Electrical system and current distribution issues
  • Fixed - Electrical battery charging fault
  • Fixed - Carb Heat reversed effect


  • Added - Vintage Bush Plane Livery
  • Fixed - small issue and Enhanced lighting FX
  • Added - Green anti glare panels


  • Added - ADF Radio and custom bearing gauge
  • Added - DF Loop feature, always points to station when tuned
  • Fixed - Nav and Com Radios now properly illuminated
  • Added - ADF Radio and custom bearing gauge
  • Added - DF Loop feature, always points to station when tuned
  • Fixed - Nav and Com Radios now properly illuminated
  • Fixed - Fuel quantity and Gauges
  • Added - New 3 Position Momentary switch for Flaps
  • Fixed - Recoded Magneto Switch mouse control
  • Added - new water rudders and cockpit lever
  • Added - new Gear Lights and switch for Amphibian
  • Added - new Parking Brake lever
  • Fixed - Flap motor (Over head) Remapped and Added head cushion
  • Fixed - Flaps remodelled and retextured
  • Improved - Compass rebuilt and refined, Now on Main Instrument lights
  • Improved - All Mouse areas refined for better control of Switches and knobs
  • Fixed - Gaps and Bugs around windows
  • Added - code so Pilot only appears in exterior views
  • Fixed - Pilot & Passenger positions refined - Now always in Seat
  • Improved - Compass rebuilt and refined, Now on Main Instrument lights
  • Improved - All Mouse areas refined for better control of Switches and knobs
  • Fixed - Gaps and Bugs around windows
  • Added - code so Pilot only appears in exterior views


  • Added - WWISE fully interactive 3d Sound set
  • Added - Landing gear effects, wet, snow, water, dust, etc
  • Added - Environment Occlusion for cabin
  • Added - Fuel Shutoff Valve
  • Added - Curly Cable Animation
  • Improved - Engine RPM Gauge
  • Improved - Engine performance
  • Improved - Throttle response
  • Improved - CHT
  • Improved - EGT
  • Improved - Contact Points
  • Improved - Ai Gear Position


  • Improved - All Tooltips, switch, lever & knob interactions upgraded from Legacy mode
  • Improved - External engine sounds now controlled by sim volume settings



  • Improved - Corrected minor cfg errors
  • Improved - Faulty camera on Basic model