BN2 Trislander

The Britten Norman BN2A MkIII Trislander

Britten Norman Islander

Flight Simulator 2020 Version

Britten Norman
BN2A MkIII Trislander (MSFS2020)

The most efficient converter of fuel to
noise since the Titan rocket!



Current Download Version - v1.1.7




The Britten-Norman BN2-2A Mk III-2 Trislander. First manufactured in the early 1970's.

Registration number G-JOEY operated by Aurigny Air Services from June of 1979 to June of 2015.
Based out of Guernsey Airport on the Channel Islands of the English Channel. G-JOEY, painted a bright yellow with a red nose and red propeller spinners is considered the flagship of the entire Trislander fleet and was beloved by its passengers and crew throughout its service.

The BN2-2A Mk III-2 Trislander features a high main wing with a span of 53 feet, a cruciform empennage, and a fixed tricycle landing gear.  The boxy fuselage measures 47 feet, 6 inches nose-to-tail.
Two of its three Lycoming O-540-E4C5 six-cylinder piston engines are mounted on the main wing and the third on the vertical Fin just above the horizontal stabiliser.  Each spins a Hartzell 2-blade constant-speed propeller. (The Aurigny Aircraft use 3 bladed props on the wing engines to reduce noise)

Known for its STOL abilities, the aircraft can take-off with just 2,000 feet of runway and land with a little under 1,500. It cruises under 170 Miles per hour, has a top speed of of 187 mph, climbs initially at 1000 feet per minute, and has a service ceiling of 13,300 feet above sea level

Very Few individual aircraft become renowned—and adored. But the Trislander known as "JOEY" is one such aerial character that has garnered worldwide admiration. JOEY stands out visually, and performs for even the most discriminating aviator.  As does the rest of the Fleet. From Standard Trislander to the Original Short nosed Variant and of course the Cargo Aircraft.

We truly hope you get as much pleasure from your BlackBox BN2-2A Mk III-2 Trislander as her many Pilots and Passengers have over many decades of service.




  • Highly detailed and accurate exterior and interior models - Over 800.000 Polygons in all

  • 4 Variants supplied 

    BN2-2A Mk III-2 with 3 Bladed Props on Wing ( Aurigny )
    BN2-2A Mk III-2 with 2 Bladed Props on Wing
    BN2-2A Mk III-2 Cargo Variant
    BN2-2A Mk III-1 Short nosed original

  • MANY Liveries, Including Plain White and Variations of Registration number placement 22 IN TOTAL

  • The most Accurate Flight Dynamics possible using the latest MSFS Computational Fluid Dynamics and Propeller Physics

  • Full suite of 3d modelled Analog cockpit gauges, Garmin GPS and Basic KAP 140 Autopilot

  • Optional ASPEN EFIS with PFD and HSI, Flight director and many options

  • Accurate WWISE sound pack with All knobs and switches featured with spacial sound and Open Closed variations

  • Authentic Fuel system with accurate Valves, fuel lines, pumps and pressures

  • Tip Tank fuel transfer system with separately switchable pumps

  • Authentic Electrical system with Correct circuitry and operation

  • All Circuit breakers fully operational

  • Accurate Interior lighting including Individual Post lights, Map light, Cabin light and Day Night Sensors on the Electronic screens

  • Accurate exterior lighting with separate Left and Right Landing lights, Nav lights and a 3d rotating beacon

  • Ground services include Chocks, Pitot covers, Gust-locks, Steps, engine covers and a WORKING Tail Stand

  • Always FREE future updates
Version History


v1.0.0.  ( 6th May 2022 )

  • Initial release


v1.1.0.  ( 14th May 2022 )

  • New Ground services (Chocks steps etc ) stick to ground on gear compression and tail tip
  • New Thumbnails all around
  • Improved W&B
  • Remapped spinners on AURIGNY STYLE mdl to allow different colours
  • Linked nets to cargo in freight versions
  • Fixed badly fitting R3 interior Door
  • Fixed poor panel gap on A pillar pilots side
  • ADF Tuning displays fixed
  • Added RockHopper livery
  • Fixed master avionics and Nav com switches OFF for C&D start


v1.1.5 ( 22 May 2022 ) 

  • Fixed possible bug with ASPEN system
  • Fixed spurious Netting and straps on Cargo payload
  • Fixed Nosehwheel lock when starting "in The Air"
  • Fixed KONDAIR cargo livery

v1.1.6 ( 25 May 2022 )

  • Improved livery thumbnails
  • Improved FDE drag
  • Fixed Marketplace title

 v1.1.7 ( 3rd June 2022 )

  • Improved Drag and power curves for accurate ASI from BN Charts
  • Improved Max Indicated to 180 in Reference Speeds
  • Added Autopilot disconnect sound
  • Fixed Flaps display in HUD
  • Fixed blocking issue with wrong quotes used
  • Fixed Hangar Specs data


All below comments are from genuine customers, the names have been omitted for their privacy

“Sooooo smooth to fly, so friendly on the frame-rate, so believable on the inputs, so easy to trim.
Holy cr*p. What an achievement. Congratulations!”
“You look for a plane with 0 sim twitchiness?
Ladies and gentlemen, this is it.
I am sitting here, flying and having the biggest smile on my face.
And yes, no autopilot, still able to post a post here.
Just properly trimmed. As you’d expect. Weight, inertia,
all that I was missing and that was given in part by the DC-6 and the Warriors. Here it is...”
“Flies great, sounds awesome (and makes the noise of a much faster a/c, that’s perfect lol) cockpit is lovely.”
“I am very very happy. This is a wonderful aircraft. The stability and handling is just outstanding.
Blackbox, you folks just keep getting better”
“I cannot tell you how happy the feel of the airplane makes me.
Be it in turbulence, smooth air, take off or landing.
The issue of slowing a clean aircraft down,
the power on takeoff when the three mighty engines propel the not so heavy Trislander forward.
The need to actively manage the comparatively high power output of the plane in flight to prevent over-speeding.
It scratches the right itches and just feels right”
“I am glad I pulled the trigger. If you enjoyed the Islander you will enjoy this plane.
If you had none of the BBS planes before, get this one at least.
You’ll miss out otherwise.
This conveys so much plane in such a neat package”
“Yes it’s an amazing piece of software, thank you for it.
Price point is great for what you get.

Just shot an ILS approach to my local airport - currently a lot of a/c have trouble with it
The Trislander managed it perfectly even with me changing speed after GS capture.

This is also the only a/c I do repeated circuits/T&G for fun, it’s that nice to fly.”